What is Personally Identifiable Information PII?

The Freedom of Information Law is New York State’s principal statute on providing for public access to the records of government. The visit with his family was a brief one — and marred by failing to get what he hoped out of the conversation with his mother. After buying a new cell phone for his younger brother as a present, Harris departed for Seattle shortly after midnight on October 10. However, it becomes very vague what is not considered PII when compared to personal data that is very clear about the distinction. However, since there is no single source of the definition of PII, the best way to determine what is and what isn’t PII is through individual assessmentpaying attention to the law, procedure, regulation, or standard governing your specific industry or field. FAP helps families who are struggling to take care of an out of control teen.

Some definitions do not include cookie IDs or IP addresses, which is directly colliding with the GDPR’s definition. Non-PII would be a piece of information that doesn’t allow you to identify a person. A variety of sources define the same subject or specific part of it and therefore create a lot of different fine variations. You can walk into an ACS Borough Office at the following locations for help with child safety concerns and to find preventive services. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Sam’s sons Arnie and Dave Harris joined the firm in the mid-1980s.

The best way to differentiate sensitive data is by asking if disclosing the PII can cause severe damages to the individual. It is important to note that not all Personally Identifiable Information requires the same level of protection and is not equally sensitive.

Quasi- identifiers or linkable information are not considered PII on their own. However, when linked to any other personal information, they could identify a specific individual and in this context can represent PII as well. In that case, personally identifiable information can be considered as a subset of the GDPR definition. However, there are also other definitions that closely correspond with the GDPR definition of personal data. Sometimes the definition of personal data set out in the GDPR can be wider when compared to PII because it includes the data where the link between the personal data and an identifiable individual is not so tangible.

And with that, a business was born in the basement of the Harris home on Chicago’s South Side. It is even more important since companies that process personal data of EU citizens or residents are obligated to comply with the GDPR, not just EU-based organizations. However, there is often confusion on whether Personally identifiable informationand personal data are synonyms or they have a slightly different meaning. The answer to that can be a bit more complicated than it seems at first. All Freedom of Information Law requests to the Human Resources Administration should be submitted via NYC OpenRecords (nyc.gov/openrecords). Select “Human Resources Administration ” from the agency dropdown menu.

Rico also served as the General Manager of SPBD Samoa and also helped to launch and establish the start-up operations for SPBD Tonga as a short-term consultant to the general manager. Questions about specific requests should also be made through NYC OpenRecords by using the “Contact the Agency” link available on every request page. For days, investigators combed the area using all-terrain vehicles, airplanes with thermal imaging, and search dogs.

And they’d found all but one of his credit cards in his car, along with a plastic bottle containing some kind of alcohol. On October 9, 2014, Rico Harris paid a visit to his family, hoping to get closure for his family issues. Despite his father’s violent abuse, Harris continued to yearn for his approval for the rest of his life. He got clean after completing a rehab program provided by the Salvation Army, got a steady job working as a security detail, and even began a serious relationship with insurance broker Jennifer Song. Despite this setback, things began to look up when Harris played basketball semi-professionally for teams like the San Diego Stingrays and the St. Louis Storm. He even started playing for a traveling team put together by rapper Master P.

By October 22, the search was scaled back and is, officially at least, still ongoing. Ultimately, Rico Harris began playing for the Harlem Globetrotters in March 2000, and things were looking up. Unfortunately, less than a month after joining the basketball exhibition team, he was attacked so severely that he couldn’t play basketball anymore.

Though the details of the assault are unclear, what is clear is that Rico Harris returned home to his family, where his life began a downward spiral. In 1998, Rico Harris transferred to the California State University at Northridge, close to his mother. He started getting suspended for being a “disruptive influence,” and eventually was kicked off the team entirely.