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I think spring is the best time of year to invest in yourself. As we all know, the weather warms up and the flowers bloom, but I think we also forget that there is still plenty of beauty to be had throughout the year.

Spring is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and make a few changes. This season also marks the time to put those old cliches into practice, and take on a new hobby, or just do something new. So how do you do that? My friend and I recently put in a few hours of work on a new project, one that has a pretty obvious goal: getting new spring flowers.

We spent three days in the garden of spring beauty, orchids, and bees, and we wanted to share our successes and failures with you all.

This is a new project we started, and for this we needed some help. We needed to find a few plants that we had never seen before and we needed to get them into bloom. The closest plant we found was the spring beauty (orchid), but it was a very hard thing to find. To find it we took it to the local nursery, and the nursery told us that they could only help us if we paid a large fee to get them into bloom.

The way to get the orchid into bloom was to find a bee, so that was the first thing we did. Then we went to the closest flower shop and showed them some flowers we had found on our way to the nursery, and they asked us what we were after. And so we showed them our orchid and they said they could bloom it for us.

And so we did and just now the flowers are starting to open, and I can’t believe I waited so long.

It’s not just the fact that they are blooming right now that is so exciting. It’s also the fact that we can see them. We’ve spent the last 2 weeks on the island, so now we’re able to see the orchids, and we’re getting ready to see people walking around with them, too. And the fact that we can see them while we’re being watched by the Visionaries who are trying to get us to pay to have them bloom is incredible.

We’ve all been watching the orchids in the garden for the last 3 weeks and they’ve grown so fast! Its amazing to see us getting excited about this. I hope these flowers really do bloom in the spring.

And what a lovely bloom it is. A lot of the orchids we have are blooming already. Even those that aren’t on the island yet are growing so quickly. We couldnt be happier with this beautiful spring.

I hope they do actually bloom, but I don’t think they will. Even though spring is a time of flowers and the garden is full of them, when you have flowers that bloom too quickly, you need to watch out.

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