portrait of a beauty

I’ve been a model for many years and I’ve never been in a pose that wasn’t a flattering one. I’m currently a makeup artist in Los Angeles, so I often get to work on makeup looks with clients who want to look beautiful and confident in their own skin. In my work, I also get to work with people who want to be their best, so I try to make sure that the makeup looks they wear can be attributed to a makeup artist.

It seems as though all the makeup artists I know wear different colors of lipstick. With the exception of the few that are very close friends, Ive never seen a makeup artist who has a similar shade of lipstick. I think its a matter of fashion or personal preference. A lipstick-loving girl might want to wear pink lipsticks, while a lipstick-wearing girl might want to wear a neutral color like lime green.

The only makeup artist I know that has this same preference is a girl whose real name is Chloe. She’s an actress who recently appeared in “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. Chloe has a thing for lip colors the way most people have a thing for earrings. I’ve seen her in other movies, but I’ve never ever seen her in a makeup video.

Chloe has a thing for lip colors.

Chloe also has a thing for lip colors.

Chloe is also a makeup artist. Chloe also has a thing for lip colors.

I was looking around for a good makeup artist that is both hot and fashionable. Someone who can make me look like a rock star, or at least someone who might be able to pull of a certain look that might be pretty great for a movie or TV show. Someone who might even be able to pull off a certain look that I have on my mind, but don’t know what to do with it. Someone I could share a lipstick with.

You know what, I’m totally fine with Chloe. I love her style. She’s one of my favorites and I would definitely be interested in doing a shoot with her. She’s not the only one of my favorite people around.

Well, I don’t know about Chloe, but this is me. I love to dress. I love to dress up. I am a huge fan of the high end, or at least the high fashion, styles. My favorite designer is Michael Kors, and I have a closet filled with his stuff. My favorite color is black. I love black. I love black, and the colors I like to wear the most are black dresses, black jeans, and black boots.

While she is not a beautiful model, her body shapes are what makes her beautiful. She is petite and slender, but her body is absolutely perfect. Her face gives it away, and the dark makeup she wears is perfect. If you’re into that kind of thing, you’ll also love the dress and jewelry she wears throughout the film.

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