Expert book “chapter 6”

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“The described treatment techniques have been tried and tested for a long time. Each technique on its own shows a visible effect. If all techniques are applied simultaneously or consecutively, the effect may add up or even multiply. For this reason, devices have been developed that master several techniques simultaneously. Recently very effective devices for tightening and smoothing the face have come onto the market, combining all these techniques. In addition, they have succeeded in miniaturizing these devices so that they can be held in the hand. Thanks to advanced production technology, they have meanwhile achieved affordable prices with impressive results.”

It is about common sense, it is about making the products can penetrate more deeply into your skin so that its effects reach the deep layers of the skin where they can be much more effective. Click on the link and read as our #BYASExpert Dr. med. Johannes Müller-Steinmann, explains how the technologies that combine in the different BYAS devices work.