beauty bridge

I’ll never forget the day I met my fiancé.

It was the first time I’d ever seen him.

I know this story too well as the first time I saw him in person. It was at a beauty spot in the San Gabriel Mountains and it was the first time he’d actually seen a beautiful woman. I was in awe. I had my camera out of the bag, I was all ready to get some pics, but I never got a second chance.

It was the first time we met, it was the first time we saw each other, and it was the first time I saw him in person. I think it was my first time seeing a beautiful woman too.

I always knew Id was destined for beauty as I was the one that got to go to beauty school as a teen. In fact, Id and I were both just so very, very beautiful, and so much in love. We were the only two black girls in a school of about 50 white girls. It was a very segregated school and I wasn’t the prettiest of the black girls, but I was the smartest.

When we first met, Id and I were both very aware of how very special we were to each other and how much we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives. We had been dating for about two years when she proposed to me, and we were married on April 11, 2012. We were both so in love that I had to leave school to get a job before we got married, and I’d been working at a salon when Id proposed.

It was hard to even realize that Id and I weren’t on this earth as a couple for two years. Our marriage lasted for almost two years and then we decided to start our family, so our kids are now 8 and 9. And we are still together. So we are still very in love.

The two most important people in your life are your child and a friend. If that child and friend arent in the same space, then the two of you will become one person. This was true for us. So we are still very in love. Our children are 9 and 8. We are still very in love. As long as you are both in the same space and at the same time, you will always be in love. You will always be friends; friends will always be family.

It’s not unusual for people to lose their close friends and family members. But it is quite unusual for someone to lose their child. In fact, I’ve seen people who still talk to their child who are completely broken. So it’s not surprising that the loss of your child is one of the most painful things that can happen to you.

The beauty of tragedy is that it is universal. It happens to everyone. It is almost impossible to deny that you are not a victim of tragedy. I know I was not. I was actually just sitting there, minding my own business, and I was just about to take a sip of my coffee when I took a big gulp to feel the coffee going down my throat. I was so shocked that I didn’t even know what had happened.

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