art of sleeping beauty: Expectations vs. Reality

Sleep is one of those things that we can’t really explain other than to say that we’re not going to wake up, but it doesn’t matter how you feel right now because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter.

It’s a word that is used to describe a state of being – its not exactly what you would think of as a dream. “Sleep” is the more precise term, and it’s used for a very different reason. Sleep is a state of being in which, as defined by science, we are in a drugged-out, medicated state.

Sleep is a state of being in which we are in a drugged-out, medicated state. This is a bit of a stretch, but the thing is, sleep is not a state of being, but rather a state of being in a drugged-out, medicated state. The key is that the medication must be in place, so the sleep has to be as good as possible.

The thing is, we can’t actually sleep. Instead, we fall asleep, and that’s why I’ve included sleep in the title of this post. But don’t think we are just dreaming. When we fall asleep, our body remembers that it’s asleep and we begin to wake up. When we are awake, our body remembers that it’s awake and we begin to fall back asleep.

This is a problem because as humans, we are creatures of habit. We are born with certain default tendencies, so we will sleep longer than we would otherwise. This is not so bad, because if we sleep longer than usual, then we are less likely to forget our normal routine. But it is a problem.

Here’s the good news though. This habit of sleeping longer than you should can be broken. There is a way to awaken your body from your habits, and that is through meditation. Meditation is a practice where you focus on the thoughts, feelings, and sensations within your body, and you are allowed to think, feel, and do whatever you want. You can practice meditation anywhere you want, and you can practice it at any time you want.

Meditation is a form of self-awareness, and when practiced consistently, it can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It helps to reduce stress because it frees up your mind, which allows you to focus on your goals and values. It helps because you are able to relax, which allows you to sleep, which allows you to be awake, which allows you to think, which allows you to feel, and which allows you to become alert and aware.

Of course, meditation is a form of self-awareness, but it is also a form of self-care. In the same way that brushing your teeth can help you feel better about yourself, meditation can help you feel better about yourself when you are brushing your teeth. It can help you feel better because it allows you to focus on your breath, which can help you feel better about your breath.

While meditation is an effective form of self-awareness, it can also be dangerous. A few years ago I was involved in a car accident in which I woke up in a hospital bed and realized I was pretty much paralyzed from the waist down. I had been so focused on breathing, drinking, and eating for days that I hadn’t noticed that I was asleep, so when I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, I had no idea I was awake.

I was in the bathroom for a moment, then realized I was just dreaming. If I had continued to breathe, I would have probably been so focused on my breath that I would have forgotten to be aware of myself.

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