Our strategy consists of three major elements:

Firstly, we keep developing to maintain leadership in innovative beauty device technologies. The BYAS devices are constantly improved, with the current Face Lifter having already passed its third and the Body Lifter and the Eye Lifter its second innovation loop.


Our mission is to help people get professional results in Natural Skin Rejuvenation ,Natural Body Forming and Hair Growth by providing cutting edge beauty hi-tech for an affordable price and also build a longterm income successfully by providing them with perfect services & operational processes and a first-class business infrastructure across the whole world.


Technologies have always improved the way we live: The car enabled us to travel distances, comfortably and within a reasonable period of time. And the mobile phone let us stay in touch with our beloved ones, regardless of time and place. The same technological revolution takes place now in the beauty industry, with modern technologies replacing dangerous cosmetical surgeries or cremes without real results.

Vision Byas


WellStar started in as a classic direct marketing company in the food supplement sector.

In 2013, BYAS has been developed to enable everyone to fulfill their two greatest and most important personal desires: First, the desire to be slim and healthy and secondly, the desire to look young and beautiful… and continue to do so well into old age!

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