The Beauty Device Revolution

Revolutionary technologies simplify or change the way we live fundamentally, with billions of people using them only a few years after they have been introduced. The effect: Old markets decline and new markets rise. This is what is going to happen with the beauty and hair market at the moment.

Today, a very high percentage of people use creams for their skin care that do not rejuvenate. On the other hand, there are modern technologies indeed offered by beauty clinics that provide an optimum in skin rejuvenation results, which can be achieved with gentle methods that are kind to the skin and tissue. But only a dwindling minority is able to use beauty clinics with their proven, professional technologies and guaranteed results. Real beauty today is still something that is reserved for the richer people, with costs of hundreds of Euros per treatment or tens of thousands of Euros per year.

BYAS conquers Europe

Now, with the Bionic Youth Activating System professional skin rejuvenation technologies that have been used with great results already for decades in specialist beauty clinics around the world are available for everybody in one small beauty device.

Meanwhile, BYAS has grown to be a European movement with over 500.000 systems sold and tens of thousands of enthusiastic WellStar partners who benefit from their Personal BYAS Beauty Business.

WellStar offers simply more

For today´s modern women and men it´s not only about money-making, beyond that it´s also important to find a good work-life balance, that means, to find an optimal balance between work effort, income and a meaningful use of leisure time.

Many people have little chance of implementing a healthy work-life balance in the normal self-employment or in the normal working life. A lifestyle filled with leisure time coupled with a good income is simply impossible for most of the people.

Through its Personal BYAS Beauty Business and modern compensation system, WellStar offers every person the chance to achieve exactly this modern lifestyle at free timing.

Turnkey business

WellStar offers you a highly lucrative and turnkey business from the very beginning of your start.

You do not have traditional costs, as for example for a warehouse in which you have to tie up capital. We directly supply your customers via a trans-European network of warehouses and logistics partners. Also, your charges for staff are being saved. For your business start with WellStar, you receive the exceptional WellStar Pro Recruiting App plus a highly professional online platform comprising of online business tools, a personalized online shop and an online university.

WellStar Pro Recruiting App

The app uses cutting-edge mobile technology and facilitates communication channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail, sms or Viber. It ensures enrolling of new partners, signing up new guests to seminars, preparing initial orders for new partners or sending messages, movies or recorded webinars work seamlessly and quick at your fingertips.

Wellstar Pro App

Lucrative incomes

High up-front commission on personal customers and high team commissions on the customers of your team allow all WellStar partners immediately to achieve a good to excellent starting income. This way, you can lay the basis for lucrative prosperity fast and long-lasting. 

In addition, WellStar partners get follow-up commission on all subsequent orders from customers. This creates an additional passive income, which allows performing an exclusive and carefree lifestyle on a permanent basis with less time to spend.

Partners who are particularly willing to perform will receive an additional highly lucrative participation in all European sales that accelerate the development of their personal wealth.

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